Simple Things Sunday

Our relatives from Southern Minnesota and North Carolina came to visit this weekend. Raven was really excited that the kids came too, because that meant more food on the floor!

hope and coffee

We have had these Easter dresses since last year some time, and decided this weekend was a good time to try them all on.

hope and coffee

I am about 95% sure that Lauren wore this dress when she was a baby, although she was much tinier, so it fit her until she was about a year old.

hope and coffee

There were too many people taking photos, so I don’t have any shots of ALL the kids looking in one direction.

hope and coffee

Baby Hannah and Great-Aunt Jackie.

apr 5 jackie hannahbw webhope and coffee

Uncle Mop and Baby Hannah.

apr 5 rob hannah1 web


Speaking of Uncle Mop, Rob goes back to Children’s Hospital on Tuesday for a spinal tap and more chemo. Then he will do three days of chemo locally. Next week will be the same. People have been asking me how he is doing, and I never really know what to say. I think he is doing great, considering. He loves hanging out the kids (for short amounts of time) and he went fishing today. He’s anxious to start working again. He was in construction before all this happened, so it will still be several months before he can go back.

simple things sunday

Project Life Week Thirteen

For the first page of Week Thirteen’s Project Life page, I used  cards from Emily Ley’s Strawberry Edition.

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Then, Amy Tangerine’s new kit, Plus One came out and I used cards from that kit. I don’t know which kit I like better!

hope and coffee

Project Life Weeks Ten-Twelve

hope and coffeehope and coffee

I got the Strawberry Edition of Project Life this week and I love it!

hope and coffee

I recolored some of the Strawberry Edition 3×4 cards with orange, which is the color for Leukemia Awareness.

hope and coffee

Again, I recolored some of the cards for St. Patrick’s Day and the page for World Down Syndrome Day.

hope and coffeehope and coffeehope and coffee

Project Life Weeks Six-Nine

You can see all of Project Life 2014 here.

I started out the year using the Midnight Edition of Project Life. Each week, I added things from different One Little Bird and Paislee Press digital kits. The Valentine’s Day page has elements from Miss Tiina.

hope and coffeehope and coffee hope and coffee hope and coffee


life rearranged

hope and coffeeMarch 14–At Uncle Rob’s house

March 15–Hannah wearing her ‘Uncle’ shirt and smiling for the camera

March 16–Lauren, happy that she will be going back to school FINALLY. She had a rough time with spring break.

March 17–Altogether green. Another ‘first holiday’ for Baby Hannah.

March 18–Lauren’s new purple glasses finally came in. She was so excited and said “I can see better!” as soon as she put them on.

March 19–She came home from school with some clips in her hair and a ponytail. She wanted to look like her teacher.

March 19 (2)–Her SPED teacher texted this photo to me – one of Lauren’s favorite classes is Music.

March 20–We took Baby Hannah outside, because it’s supposed to be the first day of spring. It was 38* with a windchill of about 25*. Not too bad, but she didn’t like it.

March 20 (2)–The kids altogether again, when Lauren got home from school.

Spring Break

We are halfway through Spring Break and we.are.bored. We can’t really leave the house, since our toilet is finally being fixed (busted pipe, way back in November). It’s still pretty cold, so we can’t get outside for very long. We’ve watched and rewatched all of our favorite movies and shows, and some new ones too (such as Frozen and Walking With Dinosaurs, which was pretty sucky.)hope and coffee

We moved Avery into the baby’s room today. Since the baby doesn’t even sleep in there, and probably won’t for a long time, Avery has her own room for now. They were really excited about it all day, until bedtime. Then they were confused and a little sad that they had to sleep alone.

hope and coffee

While we were rearranging the room, I realized we have a lot of junk. Seriously. That’s what most of it is. Some of this stuff we’ve had (in the exact same spots) since the day we moved in, which was April 26, 2008. It’s so overwhelming that I want to throw everything out and just keep the essentials, like beds, blankets and a change of clothes each. All of this has been on my to-do list for years, but I just don’t know where to start. Now, I have two kids who are constantly fighting with each other or whining or both, and a 2 month old who doesn’t want to be put down but hates carriers/slings/wraps. So yeah, I regret procrastinating.

(Lauren is smiling, not crying.)

hope and coffee

This weekend, we are supposed to be going to my mom’s for a family dinner. I am in charge of the cake (I’m making pumpkin bars), dinner rolls and beverages. I pinned a bunch of stuff on Pinterest, but honestly? I’ll probably just grab some 2 liters from Target. We plan on taking some family pictures, since we will all be together, finally. hope and coffee

My brother is still receiving chemo treatments for leukemia. He just finished up four 4-day hospital stays (the first one was Jan. 2 and the last one was Feb. 13). On Monday, he started the second round of every-other-day chemo shots (this Monday, Wednesday + Friday and next Monday, Wednesday + Friday). After these 2 weeks of shots at Children’s, he will have 2 rounds of 4-day chemo. 3 of the 4 days can be done locally, just like he did back in November.

Long-term, he has about 4 more months of treatments (til July), then he will enter ‘maintenance’ mode. He will then have monthly spinal taps, and still take chemo pills.

Lauren misses school, and she misses her aide, Patti. She always talks about how she wants to go to Patti’s house, and bake cookies and help Patti do the dishes. I’m pretty sure she would love to live at Patti’s house, if Patti would let her!

If you made it this far, here’s a cute baby!

hope and coffee