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Activities That Let Your Inner Child Run Free

It is easy to let your full time job and never ending bills, make you feel like a boring adult. If you have forgotten what it is like to laugh, then you are in desperate need of some childish fun. The kind that makes you laugh so hard you cry. Here are some activities to help your inner child run free.

1. Bring Painting to the next level

You can bring painting to the next level in two ways, you will want to wear old clothes for both. The first is by getting a huge drop cloth and a ton of paint. Then creating a huge painting outside with your friends. This is the perfect time to get silly. You can paint with your hands or feet. If you are feeling really adventurous, you can always roll in the paint. Now before you start, pushing your inner critic to the back of your head. This activity is about having fun not making something pretty.

The second way is what I like to call paint fighting. Make or buy some chalk paint, which is paint that dries like chalk and is super easy to clean. Then pick up some soaker balls or make your very own DIY sponge balls. Lastly, you need a couple of giant buckets (dollarama is your friend). Now you are ready, fill those buckets with chalk paint and give everyone a couple of balls. Your goal is to cover your friends in paint by throwing paint covered balls at them. I guarantee that everyone will be running.

2. Camping In Your Own Backyard

There are a ton of ways to bring the camp experience home.  It’s up to you how far you take it. I suggest a tent and some sleeping bags for the ultimate experience. Then sprinkle in a bonfire, scary stories, some barbecue foods (a.k.a burgers) and maybe a couple of drinks. I mean we are adults after all. If you really want to set your inner child free, I also suggest truth or dare. Before you know it everyone will be laughing and reminiscing about that time Sally did that embarrassing thing. While also making new memories.

3. Beach Time!

The beach is an amazing place to be childish. Grab a bucket and a shovel to help you build the world’s biggest sandcastle. Or convince a friend to let you bury them and then give them a mermaid tail. To make the most out of your time at the beach bring wireless speakers, a picnic, and sunscreen (you don’t want to be red as a tomato the next day).  If you want to swim, there’s also lots of options for floaties, huge flamingo anyone.

Giant Sandcastle

4. Playing board games

Whether you are playing Cards Against Humanity or Candyland, don’t be afraid to get a little competitive and silly. Classic kids board games give you the perfect opportunity to make your own rules. Keep in mind that any game can be a drinking game. While, NSFW board games can lead to a lot of laughter. Although, you may learn some things from your friends that you did not expect.

5. Play with some animals

Cows, dogs, goats, it doesn’t matter what kind of animal. Nothing brings more pure joy then animals. So, run with some dogs at a dog park, pet so llamas and listen to some goats yell (youtube, it goats sound hella weird, I love it). There are lots of oppertunities to spend time with animals if you look. There’s even goat yoga if that’s something your into.

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