Picture of Hope

About Me

This page is all about me. Now I could give you the boring, my name is Hope and I am a freelance writer, but how much does that really tell you about me. So instead here are some random timbits that give you an insight into who I really am.

The Basics

  • Infp a.k.a a determined idealist who is filled with passion.
  • My spirit animal is a wolf.
  • According to Buzzfeed, I am most like a reuben sandwich.
  • I take way to many personality tests and I have no plans to stop.
  • Most importantly, I love dogs. Especially, my dog.
Picture of Hope

My Idea of the perfect day:

I would wake up without an alarm then slowly drag my bum out of bed. A yummy breakfast and a good book would complete my morning. Then I would want to try something new and exciting. Something along the lines of bungee jumping, going on a new hiking trail or trying a new restaurant. Then, I would then spend my afternoon surrounded by my friends and family playing games and goofing off. Before getting a good night’s sleep.

A Cute Memory:

I Pulled my mattress off my bed and dragged it into the living room. Which honestly was not an easy task, frecking queen size mattress was heavier then it looked. Then me and my girlfriend (at the time) strategically used wire and tape to create a giant blanket fort. We ordered chinese food and watched netflix inside of our super comfy fort all night. It was so relaxing and their was a lot of love between us. It always makes me smile every time I remember it.

My Favourite Cute Animal Videos: